11:30 PM, Capitol Reef National Park, Chimney Rock and Star Circles

Award-winning photographer, photography judge, and teacher, Beth Holland, directs her camera lens to our beloved National Parks to capture their beauty in the solitude of the night.


About Beth Holland

Texas Photographer Beth Holland at work near Page, Arizona

Texas Photographer Beth Holland at work near Page, Arizona

As a museum docent for many years, Beth’s photography style is influenced by diverse and talented artists from baroque painter Caravaggio and his dramatic use of lighting to landscape photographers Eliot Porter and Ansel Adams. She crafts her compositions to show how light comes out of darkness to create a unique and interesting mood.

In her AFTER HOURS exhibit, Beth captures the majesty of the moments between dusk and dawn.

Armed with bear spray and sturdy hiking boots, Beth has photographed Yellowstone National Park at 4:30 AM to catch the first rays of the rising sun and climbed rocky outcroppings at 3:00 AM to photograph the Milky Way in Joshua Tree National Park.

Beth’s hope with this exhibition is that these photographs will awaken a new appreciation for our national parks and their magnificent beauty after hours.